Caravan - Gallery, Parlor and Roadside Attractions

The new year is shaping up to be an exciting and productive one. Caravan weather is coming and we’re scheduling Artparks all around town, taking the Arts to the street, like we do. Look for us parking somewhere in your neighborhood. The ever-evolving ProletariYacht Club, which is located in The Building (4316 NW Othello) , will celebrate its one-year anniversary in April. We are open to the public every 2nd Thursday from 6pm-9pm for Art and Music open studio night, and 4th Fridays from 8pm-11pm for Music and Projection night, we also host an assortment of unique one off private events, such as readings, celebrations of life, birthday parties, classes, screenings, etc. Also you can join our Facebook Group at We look forward to welcoming old friends and meeting new ones. Make art not war.

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